Scented Essential Set

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Our limited addition set contains our strawberry scented 3 IN 1 Removal Spray, Coconut scented HD GLUE Active and Our original HD GLUE Lace Adhesive 

All your favourite and essential products in one bundle!


  • HD GLUE Lace Adhesive (normal)
  • HD GLUE Active (coconut scent)
  • HD GLUE 3 IN 1 Removal Spray (strawberry)


Lace Adhesive: Acrylic adhesive

(Active) Lace Adhesive: Acrylic adhesive, coconut scent

Poly acrylic, acid ester, water, nonionic surfactant

Spray: Diethylene glycol,nonionic surfactant, strawberry extract


It is recommended that you do a patch test 24 hours in advance, if irritation occurs stop using immediately. 


HD GLUE Lace Adhesive should be stored at room temperature, typically below 30'C/86F degrees*   


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