Wigs as protective hairstyles

We have come along way since the days of relaxers and weaves damaging our hair. We now live in a time where we can achieve the flat silky long hair without it costing our own. Wigs are becoming a better alternative, easy to make, install and look after. They have now become a good way to grow and protect your hair.


A few years back I myself was a slave to relaxer, getting my hair permed every 6 weeks. Sometimes it would burn and my hair wouldn't feel strong or healthy but as long as it was straight and blended with my weave it was fine with me. I now am 4 years relaxer/ chemical free, my hair is long and healthy and strong. I now and then straighten it to do a length check. This would not have been possible without wearing wigs. When I had learn't the basics on styling and installing my wig myself, that was the time when my hair could repair itself and be fully protected under my wig.


I want to encourage those who want to grow their hair but can't seem to find a protective style to do so, to try a lace wig. I doubt you won't like it, especially if you're like me and live for the inches and flat silky hair. 


Me in 2016 with weave (left hand side)

Me in 2020 blowdried natural hair (right side)

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