Removing your wig the easy and safe way.

We all come to the stage when we want to remove our wig, maybe for a break from wigs or to switch up our look.

However, many of us dread removing and washing our wigs. Luckily, for us all the HD GLUE 3 in 1 Removal Spray makes wash day that little bit easier. Formulated with oils this remover doesn't only lift your lace you can also use the removal spray to clean the lace. 


When cleaning my wigs the toothbrush is my best friend. I spray the lace and let it sit for a few minutes before going in with my toothbrush to wipe away the excess glue away. This is done in LITERAL minutes, my wash days have definitely been shortened. I even sometimes wash 2-3 wigs in one sitting because its so quick and easy to do. The method is effective and also easy on the lace, I get minimal to no shedding which is just perfect because I want my wigs to last.

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